Learning Lab Methodology 📝

Learning Lab Challenge

How to learn about one new topic every month, methodology included

Learning Lab Challenge (Retrospective)

A retrospective after one year of learning and building beside work

MOOCs & Courses 🎓


Online free (and paid) video courses, with very good universities (Standford, Princeton, HEC)


Online free (and paid) courses, with very good universities (MIT, Harvard, Berkley)


Online free (and paid) courses, from professionals and universities


Online free (and paid) courses, mostly about computer science


Mooc search engine that indexes differents MOOCs websites including the ones above

Books 📚

For dummies

Collection of books to learn anything from zero

Awesome books

Curated list of books to learn anything

Learning resources indexes and tools 🔧

Learn anything

Search Interactive Maps to Learn Anything


Flash card tools to memorize anything, explore the free decks marketplace (Apps available on Android, iOS, and web)

Build your own X

Set of tutorial to build anything related to computer science (blockchain, bot, frameworks, OS, programming language)

Motivation 🏆

ProductHunt Makers

Share your todo with other makers and learners


Build habits and get done using gamification

Go Fucking Do It

Set a deadline and a price. If you fail, you pay.

A powerful way to unleash your natural creativity | Tim Harford

TED Talk about creativity and slow motion multi tasking, good for inspiration and motivation

Productivity 📈


Manage your learning and tasks with bards and cards


Save and collect websites, and write notes for your learnings


Kanban feature for Evernote to manage learning and tasks with boards and cards

Mentoring 🤝


Find a developer to help you